About the BCT

We are very proud to announce that we have a new website! Please find all information on the link below:


The origins of the BCT date back from 1978. It is a non-profit association run by a small group of volunteers and consists of approx. 150 members and 400 fans. It has no legal personality and operates as a stand-alone organisation with close links to the Belgian Embassy and Beluthai  (Belgian - Luxembourg / Thai Chamber of Commerce).

Its main objective is to promote social and cultural contacts between Belgians living in Thailand and organises many activities in these respective fields. 

All Belgians and all who sympathises with Belgian culture in Thailand, members and non-members, can use the BCT as a means to be kept updated on past and upcoming events.

However, the BCT tries not to forget the host country where it is residing. Where possible it will promote Thai culture and involve its people as a way of showing respect and of saying thank you to our new home country. For the local charities please visit section Charity of this website.