Charity and the BCT

Whilst organising events we always try to look for ways that we can benefit the Thai community.

In 2011, the BCT supported the children of the Camilian Home and Baan Dada. All the kids were invited to Sinterklaas/Saint Nicolas and a cheque of 10.000 THB was presented to the Home.

In 2013 our kids received a lovely Easter basket made by the women of Baan Kredtrakarn. This is a government-run temporary shelter that provides protection and services for hundreds of women and girls who have been victims of abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

A museum guide of the The National Museum Volunteers introduced us to Thai history, culture and religion during our visit to the museum in April 2013. The National Museum Volunteers (NMV) is a non-profit organisation, all contributions made go towards Thai charities.