Newsletter June 2015


 Newsletter June 2015


President's note

For most of us, it is time to think about the annual holidays. We at the BCT slowly conclude our year and send you our last newsletter of this BCT season.

When looking briefly back at our activities, we can say that both the football game and the end of season dinner were very successful. As a result, we received a number of beautiful reactions - thank you for this. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Bram, our BCT sports manager, and his family who went back to Belgium to pursue new opportunities. Don’t forget: on Friday, 3 July, there is still a GTG for those who still want to have a drink in Belgian company.

As for us, it is time for our 'summer break’. In the meantime, we promise you that we will try again to come up with several exciting events, during the coming BCT year. Already mark 13 September into your calendars for the opening event, when we organise a family brunch.










Past Events


Salsa G2G

Dancing the night away…

Friday 24April was the date for a G2G for those who wanted to experience an introduction to the art of dancing Salsa. We realized finding the right teacher was of paramount importance and when we met Ricardo, a professional dance instructor who was born in Havana, Cuba, we immediately knew this was the right man for the job.

When the first Salsa tunes filled the air in the ballroom of ZAK’s Wine bar in Soi 11, 38 tingling feet were ready to hit the floor. And yes, Latino dances are all about passion, sensuality and most of all fun. Switching dance partners all the time created a unique feel of connection.

As Ricardo finished his Salsa teaching class, everybody had a sense of self-accomplishment. All of the dancers showed themselves eager to show off their new-found skills into the nightly hours.

In short, this was another great G2G. To be repeated in the future!





Football Belgium-Holland

Defeated once more, but honourably

On Sunday 7 June, the second Bangkok interland Belgium vs Holland was staged at the pitch of Muonthong United. Unfortunately, the Dutch proved to be a little bit better than our own Red Devils in exile. In the end we were sent home with an – exaggerated! – 5-0 final score.

The match itself started well, both teams were a lot better balanced than last year, but just before the water break  the Dutch opened the score. The same happened just before halftime, so Belgium had to go all or nothing in the second half. Belgium got a number of chances even to level the score, but finally our opponents got the better of us.

Thanks to everyone who was involved with this football match. Hope to see you all again next year!



End of season dinner @ The Belgian Ambassador's Residence

On Friday 12 June, the BCT organised its annual ‘End of season’ dinner. This year, the residence of the Belgian ambassador was the venue, where 50 people enjoyed a memorable buffet dinner. 

The BCT wishes all of you the best possible holidays. Thank you, mister ambassador, for the possibility to end yet another BCT season in style!





And still to come...

G2G next Friday 3 July, Wishbeer Home Bar is the place to be

Want to meet fellow Belgians in a relaxed atmosphere and help conclude the BCT-year in style? Then come to Wishbeer Home Bar this Friday.

Wishbeer is special, as it is a kind of ‘pop up’ bar. It opened its doors on the 1st of May and will exist only 8 months, as it is located in a sales showroom of a condominium project (The Lofts). This bar will certainly surprise you, as the French owner is a real beer expert and offers hundreds of beers from around the world. And yes: plenty of Belgian beer as well… 

We kick-off this Friday 3 July at 7 pm, but of course you can come whenever you like. 

Venue: Sukhumvit 63. Wishbeer is only a couple of minutes walking away from BTS Ekkamai (in the direction of Phra Kanong), along Sukhumvit Road itself. Surf to and find out about what you can expect and how to get there.





September's Welcome Back Family Brunch @ the British Club

Please note the Welcome Back brunch on Sunday 13 September in your agenda. More details will be provided in due time.





Note the date: BCT River cruise on 8 November!

It is early days yet, but we have great news to convey to you. On Sunday 8 November, the BCT invites you to a river cruise, that will be part of a bigger project: the Thai-Belgian Friendship Celebrations.

These  Thai-Belgian Friendship Celebrations will consist of a series of events, starting on November 1st, organized with the support of the Belgian embassy, the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Tourism and Sports, the BeLuThai, as well as several private partners, such as Gallothai, Solvay and TMB Bank.

The events will include an exhibition of Royal Visits, the decoration of the Thai-Belgian Bridge, a gala dinner, an economic forum, cocktail parties, and more... To celebrate the Thai-Belgian Friendship, the BCT decided to take part in this series of events with the BCT River Cruise, a relaxing but historically interesting day trip. The destination of the river cruise will be the Chulachomklao Fort. 

Find out more about this cruise in our next newsletter, but already reserve the date!





My Bangkok



As usual, a Belgian living in Bangkok sums up his or her experience of Bangkok by means of a number of different slogans. This time, the stage is presented to Bram Clincke and his family. They lived in Bangkok for several years, and have just returned to Belgium.


Bangkok in 3 words: colourful concrete, intriguing, mai pen rai

Thai dish: Rambutan, pomelo, coconuts and a spicy dish that sounds like Kapew Krao 

Iconic BKK spot: Nothing beats the back soi’s on a rainy night, that's the real Bangkok where you find those surprising mini-worlds the Thai excel at creating. Thanks to Google mapsthe best restaurants and bars are not as hard to find as in the past.

Romantic date: Meet in Mad Mao tiki bar and cross the street to have dinner at Seven Spoons, go to some event or party and finish your evening in Yoichi Nikka.

Favourite Spa: Sports is the best spa for me, so Arena 10 soccer and our swimming pool

Family's go to restaurant: Simple is always the best and the children would go for Snapper, New Zealand Fish

Sunday Brunch: I took it as a challenge to find a different small coffee bar/ brunch spot every week. Bangkok is a real foodies heaven and as food is the new rock'n roll, this was one of my highlights of the week. The list is endless and keeps on changing: One ounce for onion, Brooklyn Baker, Gastro 1/9, Roots, Ceresia,...

Rooftop Bar: We lived 50 meters and five floors down from it so I have to pick our neighbours Gramercy Park, the top floor at Above Eleven.

Ideal neighbourhood: the one that is yet to be discovered. BK magazine always provides great tips. The last one I visited was Ari.

Take the kids out to…: Brunch and next a museum such as MOCA,  although in Bangkok, the airco sometimes beats the art. Rod fai vintage market is also nice.

(Children's) clothes: Uniqlo. I'm a big fan and even once had the chance to meet the founder Yanai-san in Tokyo.

Weekend get-away: We prefer hills over the beach, so Chiang Rai is number one and if that's too far,  Khao Yai or camping at Hellfire Pass are excellent alternatives.



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